2014-09-06 01:17:35 by CarmaSinclair

All though i try to check back here once a week i recently have been failing. If you are one of my normal followers (you deserve a medal anyway) I am so sorry, life been really hectic recently. I love you all so much, I will eventually message you back even if its weeks later. 


Keep making me wet my darlings

Listen Here

2014-03-18 15:49:08 by CarmaSinclair

Hey sexy babys, just me checking in. So how are all my lovelies. Not to hurt I hope.

Hey Guys

2013-10-02 23:26:56 by CarmaSinclair

Hey just checking in i know ive been gone but im back in BLACK lets go

Dieing inside

2013-01-01 00:02:33 by CarmaSinclair